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Get a Real Pulse from Your Market

Are you asking key questions about your products, your brand, your customers or other stakeholders? If real information and action is your goal, ask Dalton Marketing Group researchers to help.

DMG works with clients — especially those developing new markets, products or features — to explore perceptions and behaviors and assess potential success of new products, campaigns or processes. We offer a pragmatic approach, multi-format techniques and years of experience truly understanding what current and future customers mean when they evaluate a product or service, rate existing performance or hypothesize future buying behavior. If you need more exploration than a tracking study offers, new insight into customer behavior, or additional information for plan development, consider DMG Research.

Our Research Experience spans:

  • Product Development or Refinement
  • Brand Image & Awareness
  • Customer Perception Exploration
  • Competitor‘s Customer Perception Exploration
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Research

We employ various techniques to get to the bottom of your important issues:

  • Traditional research like focus groups and online surveys
  • Highly qualitative “deep dives” that help inform specific product or campaign plans
  • External web traffic and optimization analysis to help in product positioning and messaging
  • Combined format research and analysis for complex or segmented markets
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