We help companies grow

Whether you're launching a new business or product or figuring out how to strengthen your non-profit, the goals are the same – innovation, value creation, sustained growth. That’s what Dalton Marketing Group is all about. We help our clients define and develop companies, divisions, brands, products, promotions – and then we help them grow.

Everything we do springs from a core strategy and contributes to the end goal – shareholder profit, social good or a mix of the two. No matter your mission, ours is to deliver the goods that will help you grow. Everything we do – from awareness creation to sales generation – has strategy behind it and contributes to the end goal. Sometimes we develop and recommend new strategies, programs or tactics. Sometimes we request a halt to some of the current programs – and propose a different focus.

No matter the mission, our focus is always on hard results

Define their business, brand, product or promotion
Go to market
Generate awareness
Build profitable relationships
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